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Safety Introduction

Safety Committee (

   (Bold items are for members only)
NATA is committed to maintaining an excellent safety record at its formation clinics, and to improving the safety record of owners and operators of NAA military aircraft.

The Safety Committee maintains a safety database of mishaps related to the NAA military aircraft, conducts research and analysis of these data, and develops policies and programs to help prevent mishaps.

In addition, the Committee represents NATA throughout the industry, working cooperatively to improve safety with owners and other organizations such as the FAA, NTSB, Boeing (type certificate holder), EAA Type Club Coalition. NATA efforts include support and promotion of safe and efficient operation of NATA aircraft such as the approved AMOC for AT6, SNJ and Harvard AD 2005-12-51 (available in our Online Store).

As warbird owners and operators, many NATA members honor the veterans who flew these aircraft in training and in combat. By doing so safety, we can also do our part to preserve their legacy.

This Safety section contains information to help members more safely operate their aircraft. The public only has access to the introduction and Accident Review pages. Members should be sure to log in to access all the safety pages.