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Safety Committee (
June 2018

This page provides quick access to NTSB reports related to NATA aircraft (primarily). Our Accident Review blog is updated as needed, and a synopsis of recent postings is shown below. Click on any synopsis to view the complete entry.  

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Recent Blogs
Recent Blogs

Always read an accident report with the objective of taking lessons from the accident to apply to your own flight operations. Remember that the report does not necessarily contain all the information that was available to the principal operator and/or passengers. Therefore, simply criticizing the actions or inactions of the pilot is not constructive or productive in safety analysis. Use your own approach to flying, your procedures and operational techniques, then evaluate the accident and candidly ask yourself whether your flights might be subject to similar conditions that could result in the same outcome. No accident review should be an exercise in “dissecting a departed man’s bones”. It serves no good purpose.