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NATA is a community of aircraft owners and admirers who share an interest in military aircraft manufactured by North American Aviation. NATA provides members with acquisition, operational, maintenance, and safety information, formation training, advocacy, and referrals for flight training, parts, and repairs.

Regular members

All NATA members:
  • Enjoy our quarterly, professionally-edited Skylines magazine
    • Stories and photographs of NATA aircraft, members, and their adventures
    • Printed editions (and online access)
    • Access prior editions of Skylines (digital editions only)
  • Participate in online member forums covering wide range of NATA topics
  • Access online repository of information about NATA aircraft
    • Aircraft information
    • Maintenance information
    • Historical information
    • Pilot qualifications and training information
  • Attend regional fly-in’s and NATA hospitality gatherings at aviation events
    • Network with other members and aircraft owners
    • Volunteer to help organize and staff NATA events
    • Access online calendar of NATA events
  • Shop at the online store
    • NATA-branded products (also available to non-members)
    • NATA aircraft manuals (printed editions)
    • Maintenance products (e.g., T-6 AMOC)
  • Access NATA safety database, trends, and advisories
  • Search the NATA directory of more than 900 members

Basic members

All the benefits of a regular member, but no subscription to the printed Skylines magazine. (Online version of Skylines is available to all members.)

Formation members

In addition to regular member benefits, formation members can also:

  • Participate in an online forum exclusively for formation members
  • Participate in NATA formation clinics
    • Prior to Sun-N-Fun and AirVenture
    • Regional clinics throughout the year
  • Access NATA formation training materials
    • Use NATA formation training program
    • View on-line training videos
  • Train with NATA instructors and check pilots
  • Receive annual FAST card (eligible pilots only)

Life members

Life members can make a one-time payment and avoid annual renewals. (Life members optionally pay an annual fee for formation privileges.)