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North American Aviation (NAA) manufactured several iconic aircraft, including the T-6 Texan trainer, the P-51 Mustang fighter, the B-25 Mitchell bomber, the T-28 Trojan trainer, the F-86 Sabre jet fighter, the X-15 rocket plane, the XB-70, as well as the Apollo Command and Service Modules.

The trainers, manufactured in the 1940s and 1950s, served in the US military and other armed forces around the world, primarily as trainers, but also in combat roles until the late 1960s. More than 1,000 are now privately held and NAA trainers include the TF-51, TB-25, T-28, T-6/SNJ/Harvard, NA-50, and NA-64.

Skylines Magazine

NATA has published the quarterly newsletter for NAA aircraft operators for three decades. Starting in 1986 as the Slug Sheet(T-6 Owners Association), the newsletter was renamed in 1987 to Texans and Trojans (North American Trainers Association), and became Skylines in 1998. The magazine continues to cover association members, their aircraft, aviation events, ownership and operating matters, training, and education.

High quality editions are mailed worldwide, and digital versions of the magazine, including an issue archive dating back to 1986, may be downloaded by members.

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