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T-6 AMOC for AD 2005-12-51 (wing attach angles) with a 1,000-hour inspection on all but 11" on each side on the forward lower angles (inspection of that portion of the angles still required every 200 hours).

The 1,000-hour timer starts on the date of the last inspection.

NATA members may purchase the AMOC for $350, which is aircraft-specific, by serial # (must be provided at time of purchase).

You may purchase the AMOC online or contact NATA for further information. (The link will only work if you are logged in.)

Note: The old AMOC required inspections at 1,000 hours on the upper angles, but at 200 hours on lower angles. That AMOC is no longer in effect, and without the NATA AMOC all angles must be inspected at 200 hour intervals per the AD.