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Membership Dues

Review membership benefits by membership type.

Formation members
: Annual dues $80 ($100 if renewed after expiration date)

Regular members: Annual dues $50 ($65 if renewed after expiration date)

Basic members: Annual dues $35 ($45 if renewed after expiration date). Only available to new members, and does not include a printed Skylines magazine subscription (online Skyline access only)

Life members: $1,000 one-time payment, includes Formation member privileges.

International members (regular and formation only) will also be charged an annual postage premium: Canada $10 and other international $25.

All amounts are in US Dollars, and are preferably paid online by credit card. Members may also join or renew online, print an invoice, and mail a check.

Membership Policy Changes

Our renewal policies have changed since 2016 to better serve the membership.

Renewal Dates

Until early 2016 all members were on a quarterly renewal basis. In July 2016 we began to shift formation members to a year-end renewal schedule to align with the issuance of annual FAST credentials at year-end. Some Regular members may also find themselves on a year-end renewal. New Regular and Basic members will renew on their join anniversary (annually). New Formation memberships will be adjusted to a year-end renewal (after joining or converting), and their next renewal dues will be prorated by applying a credit for the truncated prior year membership.

Membership Cards

New cards are only be issued to new members, or when replacement cards are requested. This means that membership cards will no longer be reissued at renewal. A fee may be applied for replacement cards.

Formation Credentials

Until mid-2016, NATA issued a separate FAST card to eligible members annually. FAST formation qualifications are now shown on our membership cards (there is a single, combination NATA membership/FAST card). This means that eligible Formation members continue to receive a new membership card annually to reflect their updated FAST status. Formation membership cards will be reissued only to formation members who have a valid, current Formation Proficiency Report (FPR) on file, and whose dues are current. Formation members are responsible for submitting valid FPRs in a timely manner (view our FPR Policy). A fee may be applied for replacement cards, or to expedite card delivery.

Late Fees

A late fee is now charged when members renew after their expiration date. This fee will automatically be added to the balance due at the time of renewal.