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Skylines Archive

NATA has published the quarterly newsletter for NAA aircraft operators for more than thirty years. Starting in 1986 as the Slug Sheet (T-6 Owners Association), the newsletter was renamed Texans and Trojans (North American Trainers Association) in 1987, and became Skylines in 1998. The magazine continues to cover association members, their aircraft, aviation events, ownership and operating matters, training, and education.

The online archive contains many articles published 1986-2012 (from the DVD previously sold by NATA) and complete editions beginning in 2013.

Article Index by Title

January 1986 -- July 2012

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Mystery Marvel Warbird T-28 Harrison April 87 p.11
NA-50 The Magnificent Flying Machine Stonich July 89 p.16
Return of a Revered Warrior U.S.Army T-28s Zazas July 89 p.18
Aircraft Modified for Hail Control Armored T-28 Gregory July 89 p.22
Faithful Harvards, Still Challenge SAAF’s Pilots de Jager Jan 90 p.6
Flying a Multi-Engine Trainer The B-25 Ritzman July 90 p.23
Preserved North American Aircraft in Mexico Flores Jan 91 p.17
Australian Wirraway Rose Jan 91 p.18
What’s A Yale? The French Connection Fletcher/McPhail April 91 p.10
T-28 Rebuild Australian T-28 McFarlane April 91 p.31
A Tribute to a Trainer Mexican T-6’s Flores Oct 91 p.34
Airworthy Harvards in Europe Pengelly Jan 92 p.14
The History of the Dutch Harvards and Texans van der Ham Jan 92 p.17
Canadian Yale Projects MacPhail Jan 92 p.19
Scientific T-28s Smith Jan 92 p.36
The Texans of the Argentine Naval Aviation Museum Padin April 92 p.25
History of the First T-28C Neal April 92 p.54
New Zealand Texans and a Trojan Skilling July 92 p.10
AT-6 Vignettes Histories Horkey July 92 p.17
State of Alaska DOF T-28 Program History Rembert July 92 p.19
A Brief History of the NA-16 Part I Stonich July 92 p.36
Lee Atwood Remembers BT-9 and Spin Recovery Atwood Oct 92 p.43
Mistake Pays Off, Computer Glitch T-28 Wing Design Horkey Oct 92 p.50
The T-6 Mexican Dive Bomber WWII Flores Jan 93 p.12
Texans Give Machbusters a Lift Chizmadia April 93 p.10
Chronology of the NAA NA-16 Series Trainer Part II Stonich April 93 p.27
Down Under Trojans Death July 93 p.7
B-25 Georgia Girl Ellis.July 93 p.14
Spinning Characteristics of the BT-9 Dec. 22, 1936 Harris July 93 p.20
The Spammy Fifty years and Still Going Strong Pengelly July 93 p.26
Tango Squadron Thailand’s Historical Aircraft Weber Oct 93 p.50
Origin and Evolution of the Mustang Atwood Jan.94 p.10
The Laotian T-28s Weaver/Death April 94 p.10
Harvard The British Connection Luttman April 94 p.20
Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum April 94 p.44
The South African Connection Vick July 94 p.10
Trojans in Mexico Flores July 94 p.29
Super T-6 Denning Jan 95 p.9
Commonwealth Ceres Pengelly Jan 95 p.17
PA-18-105 SP Compton July 95 p.40
Stoves for Tomorrows Planes July 95 p.54
Harvards A Plenty Dean Oct 95 p.52
So ya wanna buy a South African “Harvard” Vick/Remple Jan96 p.13
SAAF Harvard Update #4 Vick April 96 p.23
Transition to Heavy Iron Smyser April 96 p.27
SAAF Harvard Update #6 Vick/Rempel Jun 96 p.20
Aerobatics @ Heavy Aircraft Danger Ahead!!! Littlefield Jul 96 p.43
The Spammy’s arrive Redlich Jan 97 p.20
NWOC Presley April 97 p.14
Auto Fuel Hollis April 97 p.31
Aluminum Time Machine Greeson Jan 98 p.16
Tales of the Philippine Trojans Hagle Jan 98 p.29
Get Ready for the 60th Birthday of the AT-6 Presley April 98 p.16
SAAF sells Harvards Spares-End of an Era Die Wobbler April 98 p.36
NAA B-25, part I Baugher April 98 p.53
“Dakota Kid” Reichert July 98 p.42
Remembering the Heroes of WW II Bauer July 98 p.58
NAA B-25 part 11 Baugher July 98 p.59
Fennecs in French Service Jan 99 p.20
The Bell P-63 Saga Lear Jan 99 p.25
NAA B-25 part III Baugher Jan 99 p.48
NA-64 “Yale” Carlaw April 00 p.10
Story of N645DS Stamp April 00 p.11
P-51 A, Polar Bear Gomes April 00 p.20
AT-6s for all the Americas NAA Jul 00 p.25
B-25H NA-98X Avery April 01 p.52
Saga of B-25D 3374 Avery April 01 p.55
Saving a Piece of History Bohrman Oct 01 p.36
Last Harvard Out of South Africa Budde-Jones Jan 02 p.20
Harvard MK4 Vicki Jean Broome April 02 p.14
Downunder Mustang flies Engbrecht July 02 p.8
Pssst! Wanna Trojan? Deakin Oct 02 p.36
The Challenge Justo Oct 02 p.33
1941 USAAF Serial Numbers Oct 02 p.36
They’re Back- The Demill Bill Returns Budde-Jones April 03 p.19
Kent’s Blyak Yak Carlomagno April 03 p 47
National Aviation Heritage Invitational Oct 03 p 50
NAA Trainers-winning the competitions April 04 p.34
North American FJ-4B Jan 05 p.22
Meet the Cosmic Muffin July 05 p.41
The amazing George Welch: Part one July 05 p.43
So you want to fly a Warbird? Oct 05 p.23
First flight in the T-6G Oct 05 p.27
The amazing George Welch: Part two Oct 05 p.38
Legacy Flight-phase 1 Jan 06 p.9
Message from Iraq Jan 06 p.14
Wishful Warbird Thinking, airshows Jan 06 p.21
Julie Clark’s 25 years as a solo performer Jan 06 p.23
Tom’s travels Jan 06 p.35
Waterskiing Harvards April 06 p.14
Mystery Marvel Warbird April 06 p.36
Bureaucrats or Radium dials April 06 p.41
UAL Flight 93 July 06 p.24
Indiana Jones and the Niihau Zero Oct 06 p.14
Engine failure Harvard CF-ROA Oct 06 p.28
Innovators of WW II NAA production Oct 06 p.32
Virginia Aviation Hall of Fame Jan 07 p.6
T-6 as an L-Bird Jan 07 p.15
Armored T-28 hail research aircraft retires Jan 07 p.15
Pacific Aviation museum, Pearl harbor Jan 07 p.18
A hotdog and a tank of gas Jan 07 p.20
Looking back Tad Foran Jan 07 p.22
Veterans Airlift Command Jan 07 p.24
Terrific Texan Tale April 07 p.7
My 60 second adventure April 07 p. 33
65th Doolittle reunion July 07 p.19
T-28 war history July 07 p.37
Cavanaugh’s flight through time July 07 p.44
Cornfields & Carriers Jan 07 p.23
One happy T-28A pilot Jan 08 p.42
T-6, pilot maker for 70 years April 08 p.16
Plausible denial, Vietnam April 08 p.31
Kilroy was here! April 08 p.36
The Acorn days April 08 p.38
The Mighty Eighth April 08 p.40
WW II accident stats April 08 p.45
Blue Ridge bailout, leaving a T-28 July 08 p.21
Flight of the Phoenix Escadrille July 08 p.25
Use of personal comm equipment on flightlines Oct 08 p.21
EAA Warbirds achieve major breakthrough Oct 08 p. 36
Room #7 Hanoi Hilton Alumni list Oct 08 p.56
Story about WW II, maps Oct 08 p.58
Get-There-Itis Jan. 09 p.18
Comments from an old fighter pilot Jan. 09 p.20
Bumping heads 1959 Jan. 09 p.28
The Curtiss P-40, a pilot’s aeroplane Jan. 09 p.30
Warbirds help Wounded Warriors April 09 p.5
Wheeler Street, 1939 April 09 p.16
Mystery Marvel Warbird April 09 p.27
Night Carrier Qualifications April 09 p.34
Pin & Needles, T-34C April 09 p.38
P-38 Slow flight, stall & SEL April 09 p.40
There I was, Steve Barber July 09 p.17
Return to the land of a Million Elephants July 09 p.28
The lost (and last) Nomad July 09 p.36
Growing a Warbird mechanic Oct. 09 p.17
Rolls-Royce/Smithsonian Trophy Oct. 09 p.43
Rare sight at Heritage Flight Museum Oct. 09 p.44
Harvard’s nearly forgotten cousin, Yale Jan. 10 p.32
Yankee ejection system Oct. 09 p.30
Destin Warbird Fly-In Jan. 10 p.4
Interesting early American aviation history July 10 p 24
US Navy aircraft designations of WW II July 10 p 27
Bridges at Toko-Ri July 11 p 8
New operators guidelines July 11 p 12
Origins of the Mustang July 11 p 28
Strange history of the car radio April 12 p 33
Dancing with the stars July 12 p 12
Doolittle Reunion July 12 p 14
A Zorro tale July 12 p 30
Park ‘em where you got ‘em Oct 12 p 22

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Radial Engine Roundup Part I Collett Jan 87 p.12
Radial Engine Roundup Part 2 Collett April 87 p.18
All About Speed Not Airspeed, Piston Ring Speed Clinton July 87 p.15
Radial Engine Roundup Part 3 Collett July 87 p.18
Radial Engine Roundup Part 4 Collett Oct 87 p.21
Keep the Pressure On! Engine Boost Signoretti April 88 p.20
New Facts About Master Rod Bearing Lubrication Steward July 88 p.25
Engine Failure! Fuel Valve Ricks Oct 88 p.22
Harrison Report T-28 Engine Failures Harrison Oct 88 p.30
P & W Service Bulletin Cylinder Head Inspection April 89 p.40
The Family History of Wright 81820 Engines Steward July 89 p.45
T-6 Engine Forum Oshkosh 1989 Forum Stonich Oct 89 p.39
T-28 Maintenance Valve Adjustments Gibbons Jan 90 p.34
Use of Full Power at Take-off Pratt & Whitney Ops letter Jan 91 p.24
Model PD-12K18 T-28 Carb. Clinton Jan 91 p.42
Piston Engine Spark Plugs Pierce April 91 p.31
T-28 Report T-28 Engine Failures Harrison April 91 p.40
The Trouble Shooter The Exhaust Valve Collett July 91 p.33
Engine Failure T-28 Montague April 92 p.50
Dreaded Sump Plug Warning Light Does it really work Grant Oct 92 p.45
Advanced Lubrication Keeps Radial Engines Going Strong Phillips X/C
25W-60 Oil Boggs Oct 92 p.46
Trojan Wars T-28 Oil System Ritzman Oct 92 p.52
Product Review Spinners, Fuel, Oil Jan 93 p.14
The Trouble Shooter Engine Starting System Collett Jan 93 p.50
The T-6 Fixer Valves Redlich April 93 p.54
Engine Maintenance Oil Changes Hollis July 93 p.40
The Trouble Shooter Cylinders Collett July 93 p.42
The T-6 Fixer Valves Redlich July 93 p.44
Hydraulic Lock on Round Engines Sohn July 93 p.45
T-28 Engine-out are emer. procedures adequate? Watts Oct 93 p.46
Tulsa Aircraft extends R-1340 cylinder life Thompson Jan.94 p.40
Lubrication Doesn’t Have To Be a Mystery Brant Oct.94 p.36
Preventative Maintenance for the 8985, 81340 Hollis Jan 95 p.47
Comments on Aircraft Piston Engine Operation Law April 95 p.40
The Future of the Round Engine Hollis April 95 p.41
TBO Hollis July 95 p.50
O-Rings Part II Alden July 95 p.51
AV-gas vs Auto gas Hollis July 95 p.52
The 100 hour Engine Annual Hollis Oct 95 p.36
Magneto Checks during Flight P&W service letter #11 Oct 95 p.37
Extinguishing Engine Blower Fires during Start P&W service letter #12 Oct 95 p.37
Proper Installation Important for 0-time SMOH radial engines Jan 96 p.36
Pre-flight Power Checking P&W # 10 Jan 96 p.36
Engine Overspeeding P&W Service Letter #13 Jan 96 p.37
Detonation & Pre-ignition P&W Service Letter #19 April 96 p.37
Minimum Manifold Pressure P&W Service Letter #25 April 96 p.41
Overboost Limits for Recip. Engines P&W Service Letter #33 April 96 .41
Oil Changes Hollis Jul 96 p.40
Use of Full Take-off Power P&W Service Letter #20 Jul 96 p.40
Prestart Engine Procedure P&W Service Letter #24 Jul 96 p.41
ECI’s new R-1340 Cylinders Salmeron July 98 p.35
New R-1340 Cylinders NAAA Convention Jan 99 p.15
Back to Basics-break-in Tips Aero Engines Jan 99 p.38
Multiviscoity Oils Lowe Jan 00 p.37
First Redesign of Radial engine Jan 02 p.35
Engine Trouble Shooting Clark April 02 p.40
R-1340 History Hendershot July 02 p.38
Lead in the Hogwash Deakin July 02 p.41
Engine Trouble Shooting Clark Oct 02 p.24
Rolls-Royce a brief history Oct 03 p 49
Radial Engines Today April 04 p.44
Rewriting History (Merlin Engines) April 04 p.47
Field Barometric Power Check April 04 p.52
Checking the Magnetos during run-up July 04 p.33
A Cold Blooded” Killer July 04 p.36
Fried Valves July 04 p.38
Engine run up before take-off April 05 p21
R-985 & 81340 prop strike April 05 p.45
Does your engine need as external filter? Oct 05 p.34
Torque vs P-factor Jan 06 p.38
Covington Aircraft Notes April 06 p.28
Engine safety tip July 06 p. 38
General reciprocating engine bulletin April 07 p.43
Round engines July 07 p.26
Listen to your engine. it may be telling you something Oct 07 p.23
Oil & fuel hydruulic lock July 09 p.27
R-1340 “modern Marvel” July 11 p 18
R-134 ADs Oct 11 p 28
Usa of 100LL in Warbird engines Oct 11 p 36
Your engine during the winter months Jan 12 p 25
B-25 service bulletin Jan 12 p 31

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So You’ve Been “Violated” by the FAA Lee Oct 89 p.35
How to Avoid a Computer Suspending Your License Pangia Oct 89 p.36
Grant of Exemption 2 N Numbers FAA Jan 91 p.40
The New Medical Form Be Careful Filling It Out Pangia Jan 92 p.42
Is It Legal ?? Aircraft Specification No. A-2-575 Stonich April 93 p.32
Victory Clinton April 94 p.3
Changes in your Medical? Jan 95 p.48
Surplus Military Parts FAA Jan 96 p.24
Passing Gas & the FAA Stricker Oct 96 p.40
Excerpts from FAR 43 FAA Jan 98 p.60
FAA Enforcement What every Pilot should know April 98 p.28
FAA Ramp Check Trusty April 00 p.24
Not over till the Fat Lady sings Budde-Jones July 02 p.27
Credentials Clinton Oct 02 p.31
FAA LOA/LOOA Update April 04 p.46
FAA Notice 8700.32 Oct 04 p.22
Rockets, Radios, or Smoke Jan 05 p.33
FAA operational safety program for General Aviation April 05 p28
FAA 8700.1 Airshow changes April 06 p.30
AD compliance for experimental aircraft Jan 07 p.29
Experimental exhibition recommendation EAA/WOA April 07 p. 17
Are you flying for dollars April 07 p.26
EAA achieve major breakthrough Oct 07 p.46
Guide to charitablenon-profit sightseeing flights April 08 p.22
Texan Flight LLC Oct 08 p.26
FAA 8130.2F, Chg 3 Oct. 09 p.28
Numerous low passes by jet pilot results in revocation Jan. 10 p.23
Get ready to register your aircraft Oct 10 p 4
Nordo briefing Oct 10 p 10
Ramp check July 12 p 21

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Flight Teams

Six of Diamonds Flight Team Churchill April 1986 p.4
New England Flight Demo Team Pritchard April 92 p.10
The North American Team Formation Aerobatics, Warbird
Style Cunningham April 92 p.17
Aeroshell Team get Barber Award Oct 02 p.17

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Fuel for Thought Unknown July 1986 p.10
Formation Program Begun Harrison April 87 p.5
Notes on Formation Farrell Jan 88 p.18
EAA Warbirds Formation Policy Harrison April 88 p.11
T-6 Formation Update Webster April 88 p.14
Flying Events 50th Anniversary Bash at Kenosha, WI Ohlrich July 88 p.5
Formation Composite Judgment Yersak Jan 89 p.21
Formation Flying Now You See It, Now You Don’t Moore April 89 p.6
Formation Notes Formation Harrison July 89 p.12
Flying Formation From a WW II Navy Flying Manual April 90 p.21
Formation Leadership Yersak April 90 p.22
Take Time to be Holy Presley April 90 p.23
Essentials for a Good Formation Briefing Presley April 90 p.24
T-6 Formation Committee Report Presley Jan 91 p.7
Spring Clean-up, Fix-up Presley April 91 p.29
Formation Proficiency and Currency Presley Jan 92 p.35
Requirements T-6 Formation Qualification Wingman Presley April 92 p.11
Formation Standardization Presley July 92 p.43
T-6 Safety Report Formation Briefing Ohlrich July 92 p.49
Formation Runway Discipline Presley Oct 92 p.40
May I Have Your Undivided Attention, Please? Presley Jan 93 p.30
National Warbird Operator’s Conference Gregory April 93 p.17
Products The Darton Formation Video April 93 p.48
Tips and Techniques for Better Formation Flying Presley July 93 p.38
Warbird Formation Flying Harrison Oct 93 p.p.54
National Formation Standardization Presley Oct 93 p.p.55
Formation Comments Presley Jan.94 p.47
Beware of Special Formations Presley April 94 p.52
F.A.S.T Formation and Safety Team Clinton July 94 p.36
Formation Safety Formation Tips and Techniques Harrison July 94 p.39
Mutual Support Linkous Oct.94 p.18
Formation Report Kenosha & Currency Presley Oct.94 p.30
The 4 S’s of Formation Flying Presley Jan 95 p.43
I am a Wingman Linkous Jan 95 p.45
Warbird Formation Flying Presley April 95 p.24
Formation Flying Is it legal? Is it safe? Pangia Oct 95 p.46
For Formation Flight Leaders Only Presley Oct 95 p.50
Join a Few Good Men (and Women)? Presley Jan 96 p.55
Warbird Formation Flying: a Refresher Presley April 96 p.29
Making the Best Better Formation Clinic ‘96 Oct 96 p.7
Formation Quiz Presley Oct 96 p.28
An Important Little Card Presley Jan 97 p.44
Freeman Field 97 Beckman April 97 p.12
Formation Flying ‘97 Presley April 97 p.34
What If Presley July 97 p.43
Formation Flying Presley Oct 97 p.24
Proper and Safe Separation Presley Jan 98 p.32
FAST Again Clinton July 98 p.16
Castle Formation Clinic ‘98 Smigla Oct 98 p.24
Flying with the Finest Tinkham Jan 99 p.31
Beware of Special Formations Presley Jan 99 p.33
Enough is Enough Presley April 99 p.13
Fly good formation at OSH Presley July 99 p.20
A Bittersweet Taste to a Bad Ending Presley Oct 99 p.44
Winter thoughts on T-6, formation Presley Jan 00 p.31
Formation Flying Presley April 00 p.32
KISM FAST 2000 Budde-Jones Jul 00 p.10
Freeman Field 2000 Greeson Jul 00 p.17
Beware of Special Formation Presley Oct 00 p.21
Winter Flying & Something Personal Presley Jan 01 p.18
FAST Foundation & Principles Jan 01 p.37
Accident Waiting to Happen? Beckman April 01 p.28
Four S’s of Formation Presley April 01 p.29
Recurrent Training Presley July 01 p.44
L-39 standards Harrison & Wyndham Oct 01 p.49
A Sad Time for All Presley Jan 02 p.17
45° line in the T-28 Mitchard Jan 02 p.41
Formation Notes Presley April 02 p.37
Twin Cities Formation Clinic Jackson July 02 p.18
Keeping on top of your game Budde-Jones Oct 02 p.7
Formation Flying Comments Presley April 03 p 34
FAST Update Cherwin July 03 p 32
Formation Flying Notes Presley Oct 03 p 24
Formation Flying Note and What ifs Presley Jan 04 p 30
Sebring FAST Track 04 April 04 p.15
What If Presley April 04 p.32
A Memorial to a Great Formation Pilot July 04 p.26
Care for the coming Winter Oct 04 p.37
NATA Formation Clinic 2004 Jan 04 p.25
Practical test guide for initial formation rating Jan 05 p.35
Looking back 17 years April 07 p20
For Formation Flight Leaders only July 05 p.28
Proper winter storage & safe formation separation Oct 05 p.31
Extended trail Jan 06 p.26
The Art of the Debrief April 06 p.33
Pre-Oshkosh July 06 p.19
Report for Downunder Oct 06 p.19
Four S’s of formation flying April 07 p.21
Warbird traffic pattern terminology April 07 p.23
Formation flying notes July 07 p.30
Winter thoughts on T-6 care & formation flying Oct 07 p.18
Emergencies in the formation environment Oct 07 p.42
Ground school for trainees & upgrades Jan 08 p.32
Formation April 08 p.23
T-28 pre-OSH formation clinic Oct 08 p.34
Essentials for a good formation briefing April 09 p.19
Spring fling at Ocala July 09 p.13
Station keeping techniques July 09 p.19
The status of FAST after four (now 15) years July 09 p.23
DBU IV 2009 Oct. p.9
What a week, What a celebration! T-28 Oct. 09 p.14
Beware of special formation 2 July 10 p 14
Jumping on the formation bandwagon Jan 11 26
Ceremonial formation flights Jan 11 p 29
Beware od special formations Jan 12 p 18
Formation safety check July 12 p 24
Formation flying Oct 12 p 24

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A Beginner’s Guide to Warbird Pilot Watching Stonich July 87 p.13
Field Service Memorandum Report Defective C.G. Jan 93 p.22
How to Make Computer Flight Simulators Realistic Dixon July 94 p.50
F-18itis Swain July 95 p.41
Technical Breakthrough BMW Jan 97 p.35
Night Frights Swain Jan 00 p.24
Hot T-Bird Swain April 01 p.14
Harvard Ride Swain Oct 01 p.31
How to Fly Planes Swain Jan 02 p.38
I will never again complain about the Port-A-Potty trailer at WB HQ! Oct 05 p.16

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Protect Yourself When Buying Aviation Insurance Cannon Oct 90 p.32
Aviation Insurance News Travers Jan 98 p.53
Insurance Guidelines Cannon Oct 98 p.60
Hold Harmless Agreements Pangia Oct 00 p.16
Protect Your Asset-aircraft Jarvis & Mandell July 01 p.37
Estate Planning Clark & Mandell July 01 p.39
Does Your Insurance Protect You? Pangia Oct 01 p.46
Liability release forms Oct 07 p.20
What all pilots should know applying for life insurance Jan. 09 p.14

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Loud and Clear Intercomm and Radios Clinton Oct 89 p.27
Maintenance Hints Misc. April 90 p.28
Hints: Oil Pressure, Hoses July 90 p.40
The Argus 5000 n’ Me Harrison Oct 90 p.22
Avionics Maintenance Tips Grimes Jan 91 p.41
All You Wanted To Know About Hoses Schwaner July 91 p.45
Service Reports T-6 main gear fork, reverse current relay July 91 p.52
The Trouble Shooter Strange Noises Collett Oct 91 p.39
Getting The Most Out of Your Lead-Acid Battery Rankin Oct 91 p.46
SDR’s Engines, Hardware July 92 p.52
Correction to July 93 article Hydraulic Lock Sohn Oct 93 p.45
Maintenance Mustang reminders Lenoch/Schroeder April 94 p.32
Hardware applications It’s your neck Weber April 94 p.33
National Warbird Operators Conference 1994 Stonich April 94 p.34
Maintenance Radios,T-28 engine & flap actuator failure July 94 p.47
SDR’s T-6 & T-28 Oct.94 p.34
Audio problems in the T-6 and other Warbirds Lenahan Oct.94 p.46
Loud and Clear Follow up Sigona Jan 95 p.20
SDR’s Weber Jan 95 p.59
Maintenance Info 8985 & 81340 Alden April 95 p.44
Gell-Cell Batteries Myers April 96 p.46
SDR’s T-6, T-28, P-51 July p.46
P&W Service Bulletin Cyl head & Valve adjustment Oct 97 p.27
Aero Engines Tips Aero Engines Oct 97 p.34
Round Engine World Aero Engines Jan 98 p.52
NWOC Y2K K.Stonich April 00 p.28
Welders Oxygen Deakin Jul 00 p.29
P&W Service Vol 3, #1 Oct 00 p.29
Annual Inspection Trusty Jan 01 p.25
NWOC 2001 K.Stonich April 01 p.20
Oil Filters Kochy Oct 01 p.33
The Voltage “Control” Oct 01 p.37
Hydraulic lock on round engines Sohn July 03 p 34
Parker Hannifin Stratoflex Products April 04 p.49
NWOC 2005 April 05 p24
Mapping the fatigue highway April 05 p37
What is ACM anyway? April 05 p39
Sohn’s Warbird thoughts July 05 p.34
It’s Spring time, time to replace your aircraft battery again? Jan 06 p.36
NWOC 2006 & the T-6 AMOC April 06 p.18
NWOC 2007 April 07 p.19
NWOV 2009 April 09 p.8

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T-6 Exterior Markings National Insignia U.S.Military Jan 88 p.48
Paint Jobs Lenahan July 89 p.26
National Insignia your Aircraft Letters & Numbers Menard Jan 91 p.26
T-6 Exterior Markings Jan 91 p.32
Early Texans Paint schemes Waechter July 92 p.42
8th Airforce “Texans” Paint Schemes Waechter April 93 p.31
Dept. of the Navy Naval Historical Center July 97 p.38
Designing Color Schemes Harrison Jul 00 p.41
Naval Historical Center July 01 p.57
U.S. Navel aircraft markings Jan 08 p.26
NWOC 08 April 08 p.24
CAF Redtail project April 08 p.44

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High Blood Pressure & the FAA Part I July 04 p.11
High Blood Pressure & the FAA Part II Oct 04 p.30
Oceana Down (eyes) Oct 04 p.31
The eyes have it, part I Jan 05 p.36
The eyes have it, part II Jan 05 p.37
Kidney Stones Jan 05 p.46
Gall stones and the Gallbladder July 05 p.26
Medical report, cataracts, macular degeneration, alcohol Jan 06 p.49
Skin cancer and the FAA July 06 p.40
Health benefits of warbird flying April 08 p.15
Hearing loss and the aging pilot Oct 08 p.20
Covert ops at Avmed 51 Oct 11 p 26

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P-51 Safety Seminar Oshkosh 1993 Lenoch/Schroeder Jan.94 p.45
Mustang Roundup Lenoch July 94 p.52
Mustang Report Lenoch Oct.94 p.42
Mustang Maintenance Notes Lenoch April 95 p.53
P-51 Notes Warbird Operators Conference Lenoch April 95 p.54
The Spitfire & the Mustang Atwood April 95 p.57
Crazy Horse experience Michalak July 95 p.23
Engine overspeeding P&W #13 Jan 96 p.37
P-51 safety/maint. Forum OSH ‘95 Schroeder/Lenoch Jan 96 p.42
P-51 Maintenance Tips Regina Jan 96 p.44
P-51 Mustang Safety/Maint. Forum Schroeder/Lenoch Jan 96 p.42
Some Special Merlin Lenoch/Nixon Jul 96 p.59
P-51: The Next Generation Lenoch Oct 96 p.47
Mustang Safety Lenoch Jan 97 p.40
The P-51 The Real Story Horkey April 97 p.37
The P-51 the Real Story Rebuttal Atwood July 97 p.12
Mustang Safety Forum Schroeder/Lenoch Oct 97 p.48
Flying the Mustang again Lear April 98 p.40
2nd Annual Mustang Roundup Luikens July 98 p.20
Gathering of Mustangs Stonich April 99 p.20
Address at Yorkshire Museum Atwood April 99 p.22
Mustang Safety Lenoch/Schroeder April 99 p.52
Basic Fighter Maneuvers 101 hood July 99 p.48
Landing gear Vance July 99 p.55
Flying the P-51 Henriques Oct 99 p.52
P-51 Formation, start, Taxi, T/O Hood Oct 99 p.54
Mustang Maint & Safety Lenoch Jan 00 p.52
Fighter formation program Lenoch Jan 00 p.54
Mustang Maintenance Lenoch April 00 p.54
Mustang Safety Lenoch/Schroeder July 02 p.32
Mustang Forum FDL 2002 Lenoch Oct 02 p.47
Listen to what your aircraft is telling you Borman Oct 03 p 37
F-51 NL6168C April 05 p6
Band of Different Brothers April 05 p18
P-51 Forum OSH 2004 July 05 p,46
Gathering of Mustangs and Legends Oct 06 p.20
Gear failure of P-51 D VH-FST Oct 06 p.30
P-51 Gathering of Mustangs Oct 07 p.50
North American NA-73 April 08 p.48
NAA Twin Mustang XP-82 project July 08 p.6
The P-51: USAAF’s WWII stepchild Jan. 10 p.17
P-51 history July 10 p 8
NAA A-36 April 12 p 20

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Parachute Pointers Stonich Oct 86 p.16
Emergency Airworthiness Directive Parachute AD’s Butler July 88 p.20
Care and Use of Emergency Parachute Systems Butter Jan 93 p.24
Know when to go and then go! Eppard Oct 99 p.32
Pilot’s use of emergency parachute July 04 p.22

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Safety Alert Propeller Counter-weights Jan 1986 p.8
Safety Prop Spinner Brackets Fox Jan 87 p.11
Going in Circles Propeller That Is Part I Clinton Jan 89 p.40
Propeller Information Ricks Jan 90 p.30
The T-6 Propeller 12D40 6101A-12 Fernalld Jan 90 p.31
RX for Metal Props Airworthiness Alert FAA Jan 91 p.24
Going in Circles II T-28 propellers Clinton July 92 p.59
Going in Circles Part III Clinton July 93 p.47
H&S Prop & Gov July 99 p.38
Props Driving Engines April 04 p.38
T-6 Propeller April 06 p. 22
T-6 Prop pitch setting Jan 08 p.39
Hamilton Standard prop AD April 12 p 16

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Reno ‘85 Stonich Jan 1986 p.3
Reno ‘86 Stonich Oct 86 p.6
Ten Months Before Reno Klassen Oct 86 p.13
Reno Warmup Loomis Oct 87 p.24
Reno ‘87 Stonich Oct 87 p.25
Reno ‘88 Stonich Oct 88 p.36
Reno ‘89 Stonich Oct 89 p.14
Texans Take Casper Eisner Oct 90 p.6
Reno ‘90 Stonich Oct 90 p.41
Reno 1991 Stonich Oct 91 p.7
T-6 Racers Update Latshaw July 92 p.24
Front Range Colorado Air Races Fain July 92 p.35
Reno ‘92 Stonich Oct 92 p.26
Reno 1993 Stonich Oct 93 p.10
Jim Good The Man and the Racer Nurmi Oct 93 p.26
Mystical Power Race 21 Darznieks Jan.94 p.48
Tasmania Air Races 1994 Rayner April 94 p.17
Phoenix 500 Air Race Gregory April 94 p.39
P-51 Racing Modifications Horkey April 94 p.45
“Critical Mass” Dwelle April 94 p.55
Reno 1994 Stonich Oct.94 p.50
SkyRace 1995 Death April 95 p.7
1995 Reno Races Oct 95 p.55
Phoenix 500T-28 Demo Race Nemmer April 96 p.13
T-28 Class Racing Nemmer Jul 96 p.11
Reno ‘96 Stonich Oct 96 p.50
Reno ‘97 Oct 97 p.52
People Who Race Vlado Lenoch Oct 97 p.56
‘97 Reno Unlimited Race Review Lenoch Jan 98 p.20
New Class at Reno ‘98 Trojan Racing Newsletter April 98 p.8
Reno 1998 Stonich Oct 98 p.46
T-28 Racing Anderson April 99 p.60
2000 Reno Oct 00 p.54
Reno 2002 Report Oct 02 p.41
Reno Air Races 2003 Oct 03 p.44
Pylon Racing Seminar April 04 p.7
Al Goss and Warlock Oct 04 p.50
Spirit of Texas Racing SeaFury April 05 p15
Tunica Cup July 05 p.11
Reno 2005 results Oct 05 p.44
Reno 2006 Oct 06 p.48 & 58
Reno and everything Jan 07 p.49
Nevada hometown boy makes good Jan 08 p.16
2008 Race results Oct 08 p.43
All’s well that ends well Jan. 09 p.39
Can you really race a stock T-6 Oct 12 p 31

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The Road to Restoration Buying a Basket Case Smith July 1986 p.6
The Making of a Champion Gordon Kibby’s SNJ Stonich Jan 87 p.8
“Can do” Oshkosh Double Award Winning SNJ-5C Reynolds Jan 88 p.10
Tips on Buying a T-6 Stonich July 88 p.17
The Restoration of “Danny Boy” T-28A Blackwell Jan 89 p.12
Reserve Grand Champion Warbird Oshkosh ‘88 Savage Jan 89 p.14
Nuts! Nuts! Nuts! NA-64 Yale Larivee Jan 89 p.18
Building a P-64 Replica Schmieder April 89 p.16
1989 EAA Warbirds Grand Champion Savage Jan 90 p.20
1989 EAA Warbirds Reserve Grand Champion Michalak Jan 90 p.22
Rebuilding Race 72 Fox Jan 90 p.25
Who Do You Get To Work On Your Warbird? Weber Jan 90 p.29
Night Train Harvard IV G-BRLV Owens July 90 p.20
Schroeder’s 1990 Reserve Grand Champion VadeBonCoeur Jan 91 p.9
T-28 Restoration An Owner’s Point of View Harrison July 91 p.42
From a Restorer’s Point Of View For the T-28 Grant July 91 p.44
Fatal Attraction OSH T-6G Winner Main Jan 92 p.8
What’s Up Doc 11 Glasser Jan 92 p.34
Caveat Emptor Buyer Beware Harrison April 92 p.46
The Little T-6 Shop of Horrors A T-6 Restoration Halloween Story-He’s
Back Vick/Rempel Oct 92 p.54
Best T-6 Oshkosh, 1992 Petersen April 92 p.7
Harvard MK IV Rescued Attack From Port-A-Port Klassen July 93 p.13
Retrograde Restoration T-28C N311LK Lawson Jan.94 p.7
Lil’Margaret Grand Champion F-6D Schroeder Jan.94 p.17
Cover Story A.K.A.”Lumpy” Weaver April 94 p.13
Neil Rose’s Hawker Hurricane Stonich July 94 p.16
Clean Machine Hamilton July 94 p.55
Grand Champion Warbird OSH 94 “Air Bear” Oct.94 p.22
Sentimental Adventure in Restoration Purton Jul 96 p.18
NA-50 Building the NA-50 Guilliat Jan 97 p.17
Rebuilding T-28C 140661 Baker April 97 p.17
Wa-Hoo! T-6G Grand Champion James Oct 97 p.19
The building of an Oshkosh Winner Jesse Jan 99 p.16
Jewel in the Crown Clinton April 02 p.32
Restoration tips T 28 Kalember July 02 p.30
Post War Surplus AT-6s Hagedorn April 03 p 28
First Flight Wahl April 03 p 48
A Field of Dreams Gibson July 03 p 24
Trojan Phlyers over Texas Lamb Oct 03 p 33
The Liberty Foundation July 05 p. 14
Restoration of Vicki Jean Jan. 09 p.11
Dutch Kindelberger’s Columbus Gamble April 09 p.13
Aircraft history cards Jan. 10 p.36
Restoration LTA-6G Oct 12 p 20

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Fire Safety Phoenix Fire Suppression System Clinton April 1986 p.11
Safety Accident/Incident Report Oct 86 p.14
Do You Know Nomex? April 87 p.20
Losses Flight Safety Stafford Oct 87 p.5
Whew, That Was Close! Watch That Fueler Presley Jan 88 p.13
Fatigue and the Aviator Fernalld July 88 p.15
Warning! Carbon Monoxide and the T-28 Fernalld Oct 88 p.34
Flight Safety Ohlrich April 89 p.26
Accident Report SNJ-5 Fox April 89 p.39
T-6 Dead Stick Landings Ohlrich July 89 p.13
Hydroplaning Fernalld July 89 p.42
“Oh Shoot” Accident Follow-up Fox Oct 89 p.40
Carbon-Monoxide Stricker Jan 90 p.26
Carbon Monoxide, T-28 and Me Anderson Jan90 p.28
Aviation Safety The Taxi Problem Ohlrich April 90 p.25
Carbon Monoxide in the T-6 Ohlrich July 90 p.34
Airshow Safety Ohlrich Oct 90 p.13
Aviation Medicine Stricker Oct 90 p.18
Warbird Operations Fernalld April 91 p.28
Memorandum FAA 360 overhead FAA April 91 p.53
Emergency Landings Ohlrich July 91 p.33
In-flight Fire Grimes July 91 p.34
Emergency Briefings for Passengers Owens July 91 p.35
Human FOD Brennan July 91 p.36
Safety Recurrent Training Ohlrich Oct 91 p.36
T-28 Emergency Landing Procedures Cooper Oct 91 p.42
You Are What You Wear Stonich Jan 92 p.41
The View from the lead Harrison April 92 p.51
Safety Landings Ohlrich Jan 93 p.31
Safety Alert Chip Detectors NTSB Jan 93 p.31
Cornering Speed in the T-28 Harrison Jan 93 p.45
Turn Radius Cherwin Jan 93 p.48
Halon Alternative Is Ecologically Kinder Phelps April 93 p.52
Safety Stall-spin Course Ellis April 93 p.52
Safety Tiedowns Ohlrich July 93 p.43
Safety Taxiing Ohlrich Oct 93 p.44
Safety Ohlrich April 94 p.50
Safety Ohlrich July 94 p.40
Aviation Safety Ohlrich Oct.94 p.30
Safety Ohlrich Jan 95 p.42
Notes from an Airforce Still Using Harvards July 95 p.44
The Death of Common Sense Beasley Oct 95 p.30
Safety Ohlrich Jan 96 p.25
Safety Ohlrich Jan 96 p.25
Safety Ohlrich Jul 96 p.36
The Stick Strikes again Mersky Jul 96 p.45
Specific Type Aircraft Accidents 1983-1995 Oct 96 p.26
Low Altitude Aerobatics Can Be Deadly Greenwood Oct 96 p.40
Personal Equipment & Fatal Accidents Warbird type Harrison Jan 97 p.36
Safety Ohlrich April 97 p.15
Plane Talk Tinkham Jan 98 p.24
Safety Corner Ohlrich/Shipley Jan 98 p.31
Safety Dead stick Ohlrich July 98 p.33
NTSB Reports Oct 98 p.36
1.2.A..Bang! Swain Oct 98 p.38
When do we step in? Charles Oct 98 p.40
The Stress Syndrome Revisited Sanders/Ethell Jan 99 p.28
Safety checklists Ohlrich Jan 99 p.31
Safety yet? plug puller Swain April 99 p.15
Don’t do this at home Swain July 99 p.15
Survival (first aid kit) July 99 p.30
Aeromedical for senior pilots Busch July 99 p.44
Human factors-applied sport psychology DeLacerda Jan 00 p.48
Intent is to walk away Penketh April 00 p.52
L-39 Alert Morgan April 00 p.57
NTSB Report April 00 p.60
Safety Ohlrich Jul 00 p.23
Crosswinds in the SNJ/T-6 Arken/O’Brien Jan 01 p.22
Is it worth staying healthy for? Trusty Jan 01 p.44
Points to ponder Salganek April 01 p.24
200kt airplane 90kt mind Trusty April 01 p.31
Spin from various attitudes Oct 01 p.35
Something to think about Oct 01 p.38
Crash & Burn & Walk Away Coiro Oct 02 p.28
FYI your Wallet Dilda Oct 02 p.18
Yank’n & Bank’n Watch your G’s Redlich Oct 02 p. 42
Do You Know Nomax April 03 p 38
Jet’s fuel tank bolts broke Lenoch July p 39
Low Altitude Awareness I Hood July 03 p 40
Basic Fighter maneuvers 101 Hood July 03 p 42
Listen to the Silence Clegg Oct 03 p 19
Low Altitude Awareness II Hood Oct 03 p 25
Rolling pull accident Oct 03 p 34
Stabilized approach in the B-25 Sohn Oct 03 p 35
Assuming Makes an Hood Jan 04 p 42
Turns Hood Jan 04 p 43
Risk assessment April 05 p.51
Notes on flight suits July 05 p.32
Profile of a Mid-air Oct 06 p.37
Safety equipment July 07 p.32
Eye care Oct 07 p.32
Flying the overhead pattern April 09 p.20
Push to talk Jan 11 p 23
Fatal judgement Jan 11 p 31
Whee-first or three-point Jan 11 p 33
Collision avoidance Oct 11 p 32
I got, you got Jan 12 p 22
New meaning of the single piloted AC April 12 p 18
Penny for your thoughts April 12 p 24

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T-6 Maintenance

Safety Alert Fuel Valves EAA Jan 1986 p.8 Safety Landing Gear Lube
July 1986 p.8 T-6 Rudder Control Cables Jones
July 1986 p.9 Oil Recovery System T-6 Drain Kit Schmieder Jan 87 p.7
Maintenance, T-6 Oil filters, Spinners Jan 88 p.16
T-6 Maintenance Items oil screen Quigley April 88 p.18
Fuel Pressure Dilemma Fuel pumps Gregory April 88 p.19
More Fuel Problems on AT-6 SNJ’s Thompson Oct 88 p.24
T-6 Maintenance Misc. Ohlrich Oct 88 p.25
T-6 Ground loops Ground loops Redlich Jan 89 p.24
T-6 Maintenance Hydraulics Redlich April 89 p.28
Maintenance, T-6 fuel problems Lenahan July 89 p.26
Problem Solved! Fuel Valve Larivee July 89 p.29
T-6 Maintenance Brakes, Wheels, Tires Redlich July 89 p.31
T-6 Maintenance Fuel system Redlich Oct 89 p.37
Magneto and Ignition Systems T-6/SNJ Redlich April 90 p.29
T-6 Maintenance Electrical system Redlich July 90 p.30
T-6 Maintenance Operator Preventive Maintenance Redlich Oct 90 p.29
Complete Pre-purchase Inspection on T-6/SNJ Part I Redlich Jan 91 p.20
Complete Pre-purchase Inspection on T-6/SNJ Part II April 91 p.34
Complete Pre-purchase Inspection on T-6/SNJ Part III July 91 p.37
The T-6 Fixer Oil Filters, Two Line Fuel System Redlich Oct 91 p.40
The T-6 Fixer Wobble pump Redlich Jan 92 p.43
The T-6 Fixer Controls Surfaces, fuel, magnetos Redlich April 92 p.28
The T-6 Fixer Tires Redlich July 92 p.47 The T-6 Fixer Engines,
Propellers Redlich Oct 92 p.44
T-6/SNJ Fuel Systems Follow-up Barrow Jan 93 p.52
The T-6 Fixer T-6 airframe corrosion and ADs Redlich Jan.94 p.42
Aileron Fences for the T-6 Schmieder April 94 p.33
ADs pertaining to the T-6 April 94 p.36
The T-6 Fixer T-6 Annual Redlich July 94
The T-6 Fixer Cont. of T-6 Annual Redlich Oct.94 p.38
The T-6 Fixer Annual inspection Redlich April 95 p.43
AD’s for the different T-6 models Oct 95 p.32
The T-6 Fixer Cold WX operations Redlich Jan 96 p.32
The T-6 Fixer T-6G Tailwheel Steering Redlich Jul 96 p.38
T-6 SDR Vooght Oct 96 0.44
SAAF Fuel System Dean April 97 p.18
T-6 Maintenance Tips Nussbaum April 97 p.28
Practical Problems for T-6’s Schmieder July 97 p.50
T-6 Maintenance Tips Aero engines July 97 p.51
The T-6 Fixer Redlich Jan 98 p.46
T-6 Maintenance Hansen/Redlich April 98 p.60
T-6/SNJ Ignition System Oct 98 p.44
Random notes on T-6 Prop Pitch Settings Redlich Jan 99 p.36
T-6 main/brake Hyd systems landing gear Jan 99 p.44
NA-Y-9E1 Carburetor USN April 99 p.44
P&W AD 99-11-02 FAA July 99 p.36
Round engine world Aero Engines Oct 99 p.37
T-6/SNJ Ignition system USN Oct 99 p.38
NA-50 retractable tailwheel Carlomagno Jan 00 p.36
T-6 Tips & Hints part 1 Redlich April 00 p.36
T-6 Lube USN April 00 p.44
T-6 Tips & Hints part 1 Redlich Jul 00 p.53
T-6 Fixer Redlich April 01 p.38
T-6 Fixer ground loops Part I Redlich July 01 p.48
T-6 Fixer ground loops Part II Redlich Jan 02 p.31
T-6 Maint Tips Martin April 02 p.42
G-2A Fuel selector valve replacement April 03 p.23
Check those cables Huber April 03 p 24
The Do It Yourself Dilemma Redlich Jan 04 p 34
T-6 Maintenance April 05 p22
The other shoe, T-6 wing loss July 05 p.21
AT-6/SNJ/Harvard AD 2005-12-51 July 05 p.22
T-6 open book test July 05 p.37
To all North American T-6/SNJ/Harvard owners Oct 05 p.18
Next steps for the T-6 fleet Jan 06 p.6
SNJ/T6/Harvard Hydraulic system Jan 06 p.29
T-6 Electrical system April 06 p.24
T-6 Wing attach angle update July 06 p.12
T-6 fuel system trouble shooting July 06 p.36
T-6 Magneto and Ignition systems Oct 06 p.40
Valve adjustment of the 1340 Jan 07 p.38
Notes from the T-6 Annual April 07 p.29
T-6 maintenance July 07 p.23
T-6 Hyd systems and landing gear Oct 07 p.24
Ground loop prevention T-6 part 1July 08 p.26
Ground loop prevention T-6 part 2July 08 p.28
Operation & characteristics of NA-Y-9E1 carb July 08 p.33
T-6/SNJ lubrication system July 08 p.39
The T-6 do it yourself dilemma July 08 p.49
Mag switch problems Oct 08 p.23
T-6 wire harness pit-fal Oct 08 p.24
SNJ/T-6/Harvard maintence alert July 09 p.38
The 100 hour/annual inspection Oct 10 p 18
T-6/SNJ/Harvard ADs July 11 p 20
T-6 maintenance July 12 p 22

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T-28 Maintenance

Prop or Engine? Fackler April 01 p.45
Brakes, Canopies, Nose gear springs, Inverters Harrison Oct 87 p.15
Cleveland Brake Baggage doors and Canopies Harrison Jan 88 p.26
Maintenance, T-28 Nose Gear Fork and Trunnions Ellis Jan 88 p.25
Do It Yourself “Clean Kit” Installation Giffen Jan 88 p.32
Shimmy damper, Gear door springs Harrison July 88 p.21
T-28 Observations Nose gear forks Daniel July 88 p.23
T-28 Report Oshkosh Maintenance Forum Harrison Oct 88 p.28
T-28 SDR’s Oil leaks, inverter mounting bracket Oct 88 p.33
T-28 Report Engine pre-flight Harrison Jan 89 p.32
T-28 Maintenance Corrosion, Nose gear, Elevators Burks Jan 89 p.52
SDR’s OSH maint forum, shimmy damp, cowl flaps,etc. April 89 p.36
SDR’s on the T-28 Intercomm, cowl flaps, brakes April 89 p.42
The Seat Bracket Story Salz April 89 p.45
Maintenance T-28 Control shift, cowl flaps, seals Harrison July 89 p.39
More T-28 SDR’s Batt clamp, nose forks, valves July 89 p.43
The Inner Secrets of Your T-28 Oil Tank Steward July 89 p.47
T-28 Maintenance New products Harrison Oct 89 p.41
T-28A Aeroproducts Propeller Conversion to Hamilton
Standard 231340 propeller Scott Oct 89 p.42
Harrison Report T-28 misc. Harrison Jan 90 p.14
SDRs Shimmy dampers, Cleveland brakes Jan 90 p.32
Winter Gremlins Oil sump warning light Agnelneri April 90 p.27
The Harrison Report Fuel Pressure, Ailerons Harrison April 90 p.36
The T-28 Sperry S-2 Compass System Harrison July 90 p.38
T-28 Maintenance Forum Oshkosh 1990 Harrison Oct 90 p.20
Overvoltage Relay in the T-28 Harrison Oct 90 p.27
Hints Control pulleys, antennas, oil tank heater April 91 p.30
Shimmy damper, gear handles, cowl latches Harrison April 91 p.38
Zero and Low Time USN 1820-86 Steward April 91 p.52
SDR’s T-28 seals, doors Oct 91 p.38
SDR’s Gear, elevators, nose forks, S-2 compass Jan 92 p.51
SDR’s Nose gear, flop tube, magnetos April 92 p.52
Tank heater, shimmy damper, canopy breaker Harrison July 92 p.55
SDR’s Flaps, engine failure Oct 92 p.45
Maintenance Tips for the T-28 Instruments Harrison April 93 p.58
SDR’s Canopy control handle, fuel tanks Weber April 93 p.59
Cleveland Brake Maintenance for the T-28 Harrison July 93 p.52
T-28 SDR’s Ritzman Jan.94 p.51
Restoration Tips T-28 Kalember Jan.94 p.52
Maintenance Potpourri part 1 Clinton Jan 95 p.34
T-28 flying in Winter Watts Jan 95 p.40
Trouble Shooting T-28 Scott Jan 95 p.51
Three’s A Charm Clinton April 95 p.20
T-28 Horizontal Tail Failure Harrison Oct 95 p.18
The Tale of the Tail Morgan Oct 95 p.19
The Tale of the Tail of the T-28 Allen Oct 95 p.20
T-28 Engineering Investigation Selzer Oct 95 p.21
T-28 Overstress Oct 95 p.24
Maintenance Potpourri, Part II Clinton Oct 95 p.40
Another chapter in the Tale of the T-28 Hoz. tail Allen Jan 96 p.27
T-28 Maint. misc. Harrison April 96 p.51
FAA Control of Military Parts Weber April 96 p.54
Loss of T-28B N9640C Bagley April 96 p.58
T-28 SDR Ritzman Jul 96 p.55
T-28 Maintenance Forum ‘96 Clinton Oct 96 p.34
T-28 SDR Huggins/Tortorello Oct 96 p.38
T-28 Horizontal Stabilizer Allen Jan 97 p.58
T-28 maintenance Gibbons April 97 p.52
T-28 Nose Strut Orifice Tube O-Ring Cranford April 97 p.54
Killer Items Clinton Oct 97 p.40
T-28 SDR’s Fuel tanks, batt cables, oil filters Oct 97 p.45
When your Wright engine speaks it pays to listen Wolfe April 98 p.46
Friday, the 13th Strauss April 98 p.49
T-28 on the Web July 98 p.48
Simple Canopy system Clinton July 98 p.52
OSH T-28 Operation & Maintenance Seminar Kraman Oct 98 p.53
Restoration Tips for the T-28 Kalember Oct 98 p.54
T-28 on the Web Oct 98 p.56
T-28 on the Web Jan 99 p.55
T-28 Battery Maint. Kraman Jan 99 p.60
T-28 Restoration tips Kalember July 99 p.57
T-28 off the net July 99 p.60
T-28 off the net Oct 99 p.56
T-28s on the web Jan 00 p.44
NWOC 2000 Kraman April 00 p.46
T-28s on the Web April 00 p.48
T-28 off the net Jul 00 p.48
“On any day” Clinton Oct 00 p.38
Dairy of preventable overhaul Bowers Oct 00 p.45
Curtiss Wright bulletin 9C-4413 Jan 01 p.47
T-28 Nose Box Scott & April 01 p.48
Your R-1820-86 Hudon July p.53
T-28 landing gear malfunction Mitchard Jan 02 p.43
Dead stick landing Morrissey April 99 p.56
T-28 B/C Shimmy Damper fix Wolfe Oct 02 p.35
T-28 FYI April 03 p 45
T-28 FYI Oct 03 p 27
OSH T-28 Maint Forum Kraman Oct 03 p 29
Scrubbing Bubbles Bowers Jan 04 p 38
Don’t get exhausted by your Trojan Jan 05 p.38
T-28 accident/incident data Jan 05 p.40
T-28 maintenance April 05 p45
T-28 Corner April 05 p.48
T-28 Corner, now its our turn July 05 p.48
T-28 corner, Aileron trim tab pushrods Oct 05 p.36
Oil’s well that ends well April 06 p.39
T-28 Corner July 06 p.32
The Skydoc report Oct 06 p.22
T-28 Corner Oct 06 p.35
T-28 Corner hidden hoses Jan 07 p.36
T-28 engine-outs revisited April 07 p.37
Short war story R-1820 generators April 07 p.40
The T-28 switch that can kill you July 07 p.40
The T-28 25 hour check Oct 07 p.34
Simple, T-28 canopy Jan 08 p.43
Killer Items Clinton Juyt 08 p.41
T-28 Maintenance July 08 p.43
Jack’s T-28 corner Oct 08 p.37
T-28 maintenance Jan. 09 p.33
Linc Dexter’s T-28 test April 09 p.31
Jack’s corner nose gear July 09 p.34
Cracked nose gear trunnion Oct. 09 p.23
Jack’s corner, torque tips Oct. 09 p.24
T-28 engine failures & crashes Oct. 09 p.26
The “Clean Kit” revisited Jan. 10 p.27
T-28 DC power distribution April 10 p 24
Cleveland Brakes revisited April 10 p 26
T-28 total hyd sustem failure Oct 10 p 28
Keeping an “eye” on your cowl flaps Jan 11 p 35
T-28 maintenance, carb July 11 p 15
Harrison report Oct 11 p 20
Engine analyzer Oct 11 p 23
T-28 corner Jan 12 p 32

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Dorothy, This Ain’t Kansas and This Ain’t a Cessna Trojan Ground
School by Darton International Harrison April 90 p.15
Going for a Spin Spinning the T-6 Barker, Test pilot TFDC July 90 p.28
A Place or Establishment Where Instruction Is Given
“Trojan” Ground School by Darton Int’I. Inc. Clinton July 90 p.35
The Graduates Darton T-28 Ground School Clinton July 91 p.12
Report to the Warbird Conference Schmieder April 95 p.18
Pre-School Nussbaum Jan 98 p.14
The Learning Cycle Baker Jan 98 p.55
Check Lists & Error Management Mitchard April 02 p. 44
More on landing the T-6 Lannon Oct 02 p.44
Intentional Spinning Prohibited July 04 p.43
Forced Landing Oct 04 p.38
Perspective: looking back and ahead Jan 05 p.27
Anatomy of a Warbird type rating part 1 Jan 07 p.33
Going for a spin, T-6 Oct. 09 p.32
Hi-performance operations Oct 11 p 34

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