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Photograph Submission Guidelines

Andrew Swart (
April 2017

Digital images submitted by photographers may be:
  • viewed online by NATA members (and the public, at the photographer's option)
  • included in online event recap pages
  • included in Skylines articles
  • featured on the web site (e.g., home page slide show)
These guidelines are provided to efficiently collect and display photographer submissions, and reduce the need to e-mail large digital images.

Online Photo Albums

Official, event albums have been created for NATA events, and are displayed before member albums in the photo gallery. Photographers may create personal albums for any event they photograph, even where an official event album exists.
  1. Photographers upload their photographs into an online event album. For NATA events, approved photographers will be granted rights to upload into the official event album (created by an administrator). PGD 2017, CYHM 2017, SBM 2017 and DBQ 2017 are ready for submissions.

  2. Clinic organizers review online album(s) to select and include photographs in online or print articles

  3. From time to time, we select a photograph for the home page slide show (where we look for spectacular images in terms of composition, clarity, lighting, and subject that are also hi-res and suitable for panorama aspect ratio).
For images suitable for Skylines or the home page, we will make specific requests for an original, hi-res, watermark-free version of the identified images. Photographers would receive credit on the Photography Credits page on the web site, or in the magazine.

Album Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when creating albums and uploading images:
  • Name personal albums to uniquely identify the event (e.g., “Punta Gorda 2017”)

  • Categorize albums as “Event” (one of the pre-defined categories)

  • Assign tags that identify the event and the aircraft type. Master tags exist for T-6, T-28, P-51, B-25, and Formation. Master tags and custom tags may be assigned in any combination to photographs. Having correct tags associated with an image allows for easy location of event photographs using a search feature.

  • Identify the photographer.

  • When uploading a batch of photographs, tags and photographer name may be collectively assigned.  Note that these attributes may be manually edited later, if needed.

  • Use no watermark, or a very small one

  • Check the “allow hi-res downloads” box to permit downloads, if desired

  • Avoid images larger than 8MB (website will reject them).  An image resolution of 1024 x [720] x 72 dpi is appropriate for basic online album viewing, although not for print or being featured on home page; hence the selective requests for hi-res images.